Your body needs calcium to build strong bones and teeth. Calcium is also used for nerve function andmuscle contraction.

5.1.7 Journal: Diet and Your BodyBiology Sem 2 (S3852519)Points possible: 20 Journal1. Your body needs calcium to build strong bones and teeth. Calcium is also used for nerve function andmuscle contraction. Most growing teens need about 1,200 mg of calcium each day. There are about 300 mgof calcium in one glass of cow’s milk.a) What foods have high levels of calcium? Look at the USDA pyramid and see what foods are high incalcium. (2 points) b) In general, do you think you get enough calcium in your diet? What foods from the food pyramid do youeat regularly? (2 points) 2. Iron is an essential nutrient, especially for teenagers. It is a component of red blood cells and is neededto carry oxygen to growing muscles and tissues. Teenagers need around 12 to 15 mg of iron each day.Luckily, many cereals and baked goods are fortified with iron. This means that iron is added to them. a) What foods have high levels of iron? Look at the food pyramid? items in the meat group generally have alot of iron. (2 points) b) Based on the pyramid and what you know about iron, do you think you get enough iron in your diet? c) People who lack iron in their diets are at risk of anemia. This condition causes weakness in the body anda decreased capacity for learning. Why would a lack of iron cause anemia? Think about the function of redblood cells in the body to help you answer this question. (2 points) 3. Your body needs protein. Protein is broken down into amino acids that are then used to build the proteinsyour cells need to function. What is the primary source of protein in your diet? Use the food pyramid to seewhat types of proteinrich foods you eat on a regular basis. (2 points) 4. Fruits and vegetables contain many vitamins and minerals needed for optimal health. a) How many servings of fruits and vegetables does the USDA recommend getting every day? Look at thefood pyramid and add up the servings of fruit and vegetables. (2 points) b) Think about what you ate yesterday. Did you consume the recommended amounts of fruits andvegetables? Make a list of what you eat in a typical day and compare this to the recommended amount. (2points) 5. The USDA recommends eating fats, oils, and sweets sparingly. Do you think most people in the UnitedStates follow this advice? Foods like chips, candy, and fast food contain high amounts of fats or sweets. (2points) 6. Overall, do you think your diet provides your body with all of the nutrients needed to be healthy andstrong? Use information from the pyramid to support your answer. Think about your diet for the last fewdays and compare it to the foods listed in the pyramid. (2 points) Copyright 2016 Apex Learning Inc. Use of this material is subject to Apex Learning’s Terms of Use . Any unauthorized copying,reuse, or redistribution is prohibited. Apex Learning and the Apex Learning Logo are registered trademarks of Apex Learning Inc.