You will EDIT & REVISE SUPPLIED Newspaper Article
•Check to make sure the lead/important information is at the beginning of the article. If it is not, rewrite the introduction so it is included there.
•Does the author include information for the reader to learn more at the end of the article?
•Does the author include outside sources or quotes? Make sure the personâ€s full name is correct. If you need to include a company and job title and it is not in the copy, make a note of this. If there are not outside sources, make suggestions for additional interviews or places where the author can gain more knowledge to include in the piece.
This article should be no more than 800 words. Cut and rewrite copy as needed
to make this word count

Guidelines for Submission: Newspaper article should follow these formatting guidelines: it should be no more than 800 words, 12-point Times New Roman font, one-inch margins, and, if required, citations in APA format.

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