Written Analysis 2: Political Speech.

2-5 page, double spaced written analysis of a recorded political speech or a live community event. If a recorded political speech, the speech needs to be at least 15 minutes long, and no longer than 60 minutest. I have links to some political speeches, and information about an upcoming community event that may be of interest. You use a different political speech, but you will need to send me a link to the recording of that speech.


Section One: Tell me about the event. Who is the speaker? What is the purpose of the speech? If it is a live event, what sort of space is it in. If it is a recording of a political speech, tell me a bit about the historical context (yes, this means you may need to do a little research).

Section Two: Tell me about the speaker’s style: dynamic or relaxed, calm or combative, animated or immobile, poster, gesturing, eye contact with audience, facial expression, vocal expressiveness, voice pitch, volume. Are the messages from the speakers more informative or persuasive (refer to Chaps 15 & 16).

Section Two: Describe the audience and its behaviors : estimate how many people are there, who are they- age, race, gender? Are they alert or distracted, interested or disinterested? How do they respond to the speakers? For a recorded speech, tell me as much as you can from the recording.

Section Three: What are your impressions of the speakers or performers (this is less about whether or not you agree with their positions)? What did you like best about the event? What did you like least? If you could coach the speakers what would you suggest they do differently?