writing marketing

*Reflective Writing Outline (Please limit writing to one page, 12-font, single-spacing and 1-inch margins. Your writing should be free of spelling and grammatical errors include all sections outlined, clear, concise and cogent.). Submit as an attachment.

1. Title the writing assignment by article title, author. Then subtitle as A Reflection, by Your name)

2. In the first paragraph, explain the primary message the author is sending to the reader.

3. In the 2nd paragraph, explain who this author’s primary audience is intended to be and why the message is being sent to this audience.

4. In the 3d paragraph, a) identify what support, or evidence, the author provides to the intended audience.

5. In the 4th paragraph, summarize the author’s conclusions, including any caveats or further comments he wishes to leave with the intended audience.

6. In the last (important!) paragraph provide your reader with an your interpretation of a) how well the author conveyed his/her message, including comment to his/her supportive comments, b) what value you believe the author’s message was to the reader and c) any final comments you wish to make, if any.


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