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I’m stuck on a English question and need an explanation.

I’ve attached questions that need to be answered “300 words”, using the book ” Five Equations That Changed the World ” and the discussion.

follow the instructions of the question and do not use outside resources

Writing Assignment 3

Writing Assignment 3 – Research and write about an agency related to importing (in the form of a discussion post and response)

Take a look at the plethora of agencies involved in importing. Then go to the website for the agency US Drug and Food Administration. Once you are there, look around the site and find information that pertains to importing or imported products. Write one full page about the agency, its mission, its general functions, and give examples of how it influences or regulates imports into the United States.

Write your paper in Word, use spell/grammar check, proofread it, then proofread it again. Be sure to include your full reference at the end of of paper. Look at the “APA Citations and References” for information on how to create a reference for a website. (hint: you will need to cite the website you review).
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