Write the essay in a five paragraphs format.

Paper Revise


“A Hunger Artist,” Franz Kafka          http://www.zwyx.org/portal/kafka/kafka_hunger_artist.html

“A Secret Society of the Starving,” Mim Udovitch


  Do not use any outside sources!

In “A Secret Society of the Starving,” Mim Udovitch writes, “Being an ana is a state of mind—part addiction, part obsession, and part seesawing sense of self worth, not-necessarily corresponding to what you actually weigh.” To what extent does an analysis of Kafka’s “A Hunger Artist” support our understanding of Udovitch’s description of anorexic tendencies? Make sure to begin your argument with a thesis that addresses the question and ground your answer in textual analysis.


Essays should be 3-4 pages in length. Please number your pages and use MLA formatting.


1.     When you edit your draft, look closely for places where you may have slipped out of your argument and into a summary of the essay or the story. If you are telling me what the writer has already told me, cut the sentence.

2.     Do not use first or second person and try to avoid the general pronoun “one.”


1.     The last sentence of the Intro body is the thesis. A thesis is to response to the question above.

2.     Write the essay in a five paragraphs format.

3.     Not not use any outside source in this essay. Use the two text given only.

4.     Each body paragraph need to include one quote from each reading to support the thesis. (6 quote for the whole essay, that’s two quote for each body).