write response paper on 180 min movie

please write 3-4 pages.
Please be sure there is no plagiarism.
Please view the movie: The Wolf of Wall Street.
movie link: http://sockshare.net/watch/XvjW6rxe-the-wolf-of-wall-street.html
After watching the 180 minute movie, please answer the following questions. Your submission cannot be less than 750 words and more than 1000 words, double spaced, 12 font.
What is the movie saying about the drug era of the 1980s?
What is the movie saying about the culture of the rich and the poor in America throughout the various periods depicted in the movie?
What is the movie saying about women in all periods depicted in the film?
What does the filmmaker want you to learn from the movie?
How does the movie relate to you personally? It does in some way, may it be in your family, yourself, or someone you know.
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