write paper about how to design a dashboard

Dashboard Research Paper Instructions
You will write a research paper using Microsoft Word on how to design a Dashboard using Excel. Your research paper should address these topics. It will require that you research all of the following information/topics. 1. INTRODUCTION – What is a Dashboard?
2. PURPOSE – What specific features in Excel are most used to create an Excel Dashboard? Why?
3. DESIGN – What should a Dashboard look like?

Give one example of an outstanding dashboard from web. Explain in detail why do you think it is outstanding.
Address below factors in Design: 1. Technological features 2. Design Visualization Principles 3. Key metrics and/or processes 4. Include a screen shot of the dashboard.
Outstanding Chart from the dashboard:

Give one example of an outstanding chart from your selected Dashboard. Explain in detail why it is outstanding.
Address below factors for your outstanding chart: o Technologicalfeatures o DesignVisualizationPrinciples o Keymetricsand/orprocesses o IncludeascreenshotoftheOutstandingChart.

Identify and explain 3 ethical issues involved in presenting business data. 4. METHOD – Conclude with a plan that includes the steps that you will take to on how you will create a prototype of an outstanding Excel Dashboard that does not contain any ethical issues. Requirements:

APA Style
Cite 3 or more sources
Each Topic must be at least 100 words and address the required topics.
This paper must be in your own words.
SafeAssign Scores should be below 15%. The paper should be in your words. Not copy and pasted off the internet or plagiarized from other’s work.
Scores between 15 percent and 40 percent: These papers include extensive quotes or paraphrased material, or they include plagiarism. I will review these papers to determine if the matching text is properly referenced. You may have points deducted.
Scores over 40 percent are unacceptable and you will fail the assignment, ultimately resulting into failing the class and being reported.
Content will be graded according to the dashboard research rubric.

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