write essay about the pictures and answer following questions ?

Ethics Case Study Assignment 1 ……………………………..(This assignment is a part of your discussion grade which is 1/4th of your overall grade)

Case #1 – Handling of Images and Graphs

Dr. Gomez is preparing a manuscript for submission to a prominent journal and is trying to decide the best way to present her image and gel data. Other postdocs in the lab tell her that her results will have to look “clean” to be able to impress the editors and reviewers. She comes to you for advice about the following potential figures.

Imaging data

She complains that the best fluorescence images of her protein called “excitin” often have an unexplained bright blob of material that looks like junk and will be distracting to readers. She debates what to do, including covering it up with an inset, fixing the problem by masking the junk using the “clone” function in Photoshop, or by cropping the picture.


Essay Assignment:

Write a 300 word or more written essay that relates to the above scenario In your essay address the following questions:


1. What is your advice to Dr Gomez? …should she cover it up……fix it by masking……crop it?……other advice to deal with artifact in her data image?


2. Does any approach constitute research misconduct.


3. What are the ethical boundries of what data you show or do not show.


4. Might something be missed by omitting “junk” from figure


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