write an short essay about novel 1 kill giant

Write a minimum 200 words.
Use at least two quote sandwiches from chapters 5-the end in I Kill Giants to support your answer.
Write your response in the form of a PIE paragraph.
Choose one of the following topics:

Choose one only.
A. Chapter 6 contains Barbaraâ€s epic battle with a titan. As sheâ€s battling the Titan, Barbara tells him, “Sheâ€s going to live because I beat you…” To which the Titan responds, “Little warriorrrr….I diddd nottt come forrrr herrrrr….I came… forrrr you!” Discuss what he means.
B. Throughout the story, but particularly in Chapter 5, Barbara deals with the school bully. Have students visually depict Barbaraâ€s strategies while evaluating their effectiveness. Brainstorm other strategies students might use when dealing with bullies.
C. Your choice



Respond to two of your classmates
Write 3-4 sentences minimum
Use one quote from essay

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