Prompt: Your goal is to analyze both your own approach and history with reading and writing(Narative) and reflect on the things you have learned or plan to incorporate from the two sources you have chosen (Response)
•Minimum Length:4-6 pages.
*Your thesis should reflect your relationship with reading and writing, and/or the effect reading has had on your
life. The first part of your essay should mirror a format like “The Lonely, Good Company of Books,” “One Writerâ€s Beginnings” or “Superman and Me” where you tell the story of your relationships with books. The second half of your essay, should be focused on the following:
1)An analysis of either strategies and devices you would like to emulate or reproduce in your own writing (aka things in the three sources you would like to use) or strategies and devices you will never use or reproduce in your writing because of the authorâ€s in affective application in the work. (Basically, in this part of the essay, I would like you to reflect on the two sources you have chosen and talk about what you really liked or what you really hated, and how you can implement those thing in your own writing.)
•Required Research/Readings: Any two of the Following:
“The Lonely, Good Company of Books” by Robert Rodriguez
“One Writerâ€s Beginnings” by Eudora Welty
“Superman and Me” by Sherman Alexie
“Why I Write” by George Orwell
Any of the “Why I Write” pieces (by Allende, Jen, Junger, McBride)
o Each author counts as a separate source
Video: “Sherman Alexie Talks”
Ted Talk: Wired for Story– Lisa Cron
Ted Talk: What Makes a World Real?– Anne Curzan
Ted Talk: The Secret Structure of Great Talks – Nancy Duarte
Ted Talk: The Danger of a Single Story– Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie

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