write about the country mexico 2

HI. I need a 6-8 slide powerpoint talking about the country Mexico answering the following questions. Please also provide an OUTLINE separately. Please include some pictures in the powerpoint. Thank you.

What is the cultureâ€s communication style like?
What is the cultureâ€s attitude toward conflict?
What is this cultureâ€s attitude towards working in groups and teams?
What cultural customs are different than the United States?
Considering all these factors, what do you need to know if you are treating a patient of the assigned nationality?

Develop a power point to accompany your presentation. Your PowerPoint should include at least six slides, have an appropriate background style and cover the following:

Introduction to the Culture (include geographic location, language, dominant religion, Food, etc.)
Body – Addressing questions 1 – 4 above.
Conclusions – Question #5 above.

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