This assignment requires you to write a summery/response to the State of News Media 2016 | Pew Research Center. This document includes a wealth of information about news media. You should analyze only three of the following points; do not analyze fewer than three, and do not exceed three points. For each, write a word count ranging from 250 minimum – 350 maximum; this averages a total ranging from 750 – 1050 word count.

Newspapers: Fact Sheet
Cable News: Fact Sheet
Local TV News: Fact Sheet
Network News: Fact Sheet
Digital News Audience: Fact Sheet
Digital News Revenue: Fact Sheet
Podcasting: Fact Sheet
Audio: Fact Sheet
Public Broadcasting: Fact Sheet
Alternative Weeklies: Fact Sheet
News Magazines: Fact Sheet
African American News Media: Fact Sheet
Hispanic News Media: Fact Sheet

In your original response, consider the following:

Summary point one (Pathways to News); agree/disagree, why
Summary point two (Trust and Accuracy); agree/disagree, why
Summary point three (Loyalty and Source Attention); agree/disagree, why

In summary, an introduction includes your thesis and or summary. Next, each body paragraph summarizes one point and responds to it. Lastly, the conclusion wraps up the response.

Font size: 11 pt. or 12 pt.
Single-spaced, no more than four sentences per paragraph, 1 spacing line to separate paragraphs
Font options: Times New Roman, Times, Arial, Helvetica or Georgia

the following file is the example of the response’ format.
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