Write a paper listing your own personalethical ten commandments.

Running Head: ETHICS 1



Write a paper listing your own personal ethical ten commandments.

1. Thou shall not devote my life to chasing money and high social status but rather in pursuit of purpose through service to mankind: Purpose is more important than money or any material possessions (Zsolnai, 2011). This is important because fulfilment in life is my topmost priority and it can only be achieved by living purposefully and not from external possessions.

2. Thou shall treat me and every individual with love and care: The virtues of love and care are on top of my virtue list and this is because they are the greatest enablers for me to provide service to humanity.

3. Thou shall not conform to negative social trends: This means that morality is still a great value to me in a world where a lot of moral values have been lost. It is important to me because I feel the need to be a positive role model for other young individuals.

4. I will ensure that work is done with utmost integrity: This means having good moral judgment and it is important to me since it is one way of showing value for relationships and care for others.

5. Thou shall be accommodative of personal differences in day to day interactions: People are different in aspects like personality and it is wrong to dismiss others on the basis of personal differences. This is important to me because I like it when people are themselves and it is only through accommodation that we can relate to and still maintain individuality.

6. I will hold truthfulness and honesty close to my heart and practice it in my day to day interactions: Deception is prohibited for me because it is the basis of healthy interactions.

7. Every individual should be treated as though they are valuable: This means seeing the good in people. This is important because without seeing the good in people there is no way they can add any value.

8. Thou shall be considerate of the consequences of any action to self and others: This means that I will consider the costs and benefits of my actions before doing. This is important to me in ensuring that I promote good not only for myself but also for others.

9. I will ensure that I do not betray the trust that others have in me: I will remain trustworthy and this is important because it is impossible to form any healthy relationships without trust.

10. To always hold others and their properties with utmost respect: This means that I will duly regard others as well as their property (Gill, 2009), and this is important to me because I attract the same kind of respect which I like.


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