Please seek out and watch the film FENCES, by August Wilson, directed by and starring Denzel Washington.
if you are unable to seek out the film version, please seek out the play version to read at your local library, the Pollack library, on-line or borrow it. The film is now available on most cinema/television platforms for rent. You may be able to borrow it from someone as well or a 1.00 red-box rental.
This film is based on a one of the more powerful play in the cannon of August Wilson’s work. You have read and studied the biography and body of work that has been created by Mr.Wilson. It is important that we also view and experience one of his pieces as a subject for this course, especially when such a terrific example of one of his play’s (Fences) is now available for us to watch in a film version.
Your assignment is to watch the film and write a 1-2 page reaction to the film. Please discuss topics relating to:-** The overall quality of the film with respect to its acting and performances, directing and cinematography.-** What you feel the are the main 2-3 themes and topics that the playwright and film were trying to raise? Was it successful? why or why not? – ** The film is set in the 50’s in an urban area. How do the themes and topics of this film become more important in light of the era that the story is based? – What do you feel we can learn as a modern day multicultural society when we look back out our own American history in this way dealing with issues of race, institutional biases, and status/class in our society?

Make sure you answer ALL parts of the question, and BE SPECIFIC!!
The more in depth your answer, the better your score will be. Uploaded file is talking about the life of the writer.
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