Why is violence so popular across the media?

Discussion Assignment

Family interactions, drug use, mental illness, family psychopathology, etc., are all connected to these wider social problems that we are seeing today.  It is interesting to think of this as being linked to family psychopathology, but it really is: abuse, neglect, harmful words, abusive behaviors, general dysfunctional ways of acting and thinking, an so forth.Many do not really even think about all of the violence in cartoons because they perceive it as being harmless.  The truth is that many cartoons have more acts of violence per minute than the most violent television shows.  People often think that it is harmless because it is just a cartoon.  The same is often said about violent video games, violent movies, and violent comic books.  The truth is that all of this does have an accumulating effect on the public. Franzoi (2016) viewing violent media can result in the development of an aggressive script and that there is clear evidence that a real connection exists between media violence and aggression.  The problem is that we are so saturated with all of it that most are really not even aware of what is going on.

How do you see media violence shaping the culture?  Why is violence so popular across the media?  How have you noticed a pathological family system causing the individual family members to act in harmful or destructive ways?

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