who can write a essay on a career choice

Career Research Paper
You will research your future career choice. You must focus on the 5 categories outlined below.
1. Qualifications (How to become one) 2. Job Duties (What they do)
3. Work Environment
4. Salary and Job Outlook
5. Similar Occupations
Your essay must be written in THIRD PERSON point of view. DO NOT write this as if it is a conversation with a friend. Think of this as a “News Story” that you are reporting. That is the tone your writing should have throughout the essay.
1. You will read the information from the Occupational Outlook website. Be sure to read through all of the tabs for your occupation thoroughly.
2. Paraphrase what is read AND Include at least three direct quotes.
3. You will receive a 0 for plagiarized work.
You must have:
1. Seven paragraphs, each paragraph should consist of 5 -7 sentences. Must be indented.
2. A clear, concise thesis statement in the introduction.
3. A minimum of Three Direct quotes from the source
(Occupational Outlook)
4. This MUST be completed on Google Docs
5. You must have a Works Cited Page in MLA format
Your essay must be typed in 12 or 14 font.
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