The Attack Project Paper

The Attack Project Paper will be like a report of the analysis and attack strategy. 1 First you will report the information you gathered on the organization. 2 Then you will list the tools, give a details description of each and give a description of how you used it. 3 What sort of attacks would work in this case? Give some examples and how you would carry them out. 4 What social engineering and physical security aspects were discovered/devised? Give a detailed explanation. 5 With all of these methods for finding information, using it to gain access to the organizations systems; what methods could you employ to help secure these vulnerabilities? What suggestions would you make to the organization if you were a penetration tester? This paper is not a traditional paper since it will look more like a report. However, make sure you format the paper in this way: 1 Title page with the name of the course, name of the project, student’s name, date and any other relevant information. 2 Give a summary of what we are about to read (this is like an abstract) 3 Make sure to include a table of contents. 4 Label the criteria in sections to break it up and organize the paper.