Technical Style Edit and Justification Memo

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Scenario: You work in the claims department for The Acme Company. The company recently lost thousands of dollars from reimbursing customers with fraudulent product claims. In response, Acme’s CFO developed a verification process for all new claims that you are responsible for implementing.

Your colleague Willow Bay drafted the below letter to explain this verification process to customers. However, you believe its style and tone could be improved for professionalism.

Instructions: You have two tasks:

  1. Edit the letter for style and tone. Use the Track Changes feature in MS-Word so your audience can clearly see your suggested edits.
  2. Once you’ve edited the letter, write a brief memo to Willow (200–250 words) that summarizes your major editorial suggestions. Focus on justifying your 2–3 primary style improvements. Your goal is to persuade Willow to accept all your style suggestions, so support your recommendations by citing the suggested principles in your textbook.

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