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Please write a paragraph responding to the discussion bellow. Add citations and references in alphabetical order.
Living in Florida, there are many issues about vulnerable elder adults due to Florida being a top destination for elders to retire. Eventually, they usually end up in an assisted living home or home with a family member that often does not have the time or patience to care for them the way they need to be cared for. Reporting abuse of children and vulnerable adults is easy for anyone to do. Even the phone number has the word abuse in it to help remember, 800-96-ABUSE. In reporting a possible abuse, that person is ensured that the report will be confidential. In addition, no reports are released by the Florida Abuse Hotline other than to those persons specifically authorized under chapters 39 and 415, F.S. Any person with a statutory right to a report copy must contact the local investigative office. The Florida Abuse Hotline is committed to providing quality assessments and a clear understanding of services available to customers whether from the Departement of Childrens and Families or other state and community agencies.
When faced with a mandated reporter issue, there is four different ways to make a report, by phone, fax, TDD or web-reporting. The information needed to complete the report includes: who was involved, what occurred, when and where it occurred, why it happened, the extent of any injuries sustained, and what the victim(s) said happened, and any other pertinent information. The caller needs to have the following information of the people involved in the report: name, DOB, race, gender, age, addresses, disabilities and /or vulnerabilities of persons involved, relationship of alleged perpetrator to the victim(s).
Im reporting a possible elder abuse. The victim John Smith is a 95 year old male born sometime in 1923 of American descent. Lives with his daughter Ana Smith, a 47 year old mother of 5 that all reside at the address: 1234 elm st, Miami, Fl 33131. The victim has bruises of different stages along his back, wrists and appears emaciated at 106 pounds at 5’ 9”. Victim is wheelchair bound and needs assistance with ADL’s. Daughter verbalized being overwhelmed with caring for her father and lack of financial means to keep enough food on the table for the whole family.
Florida Department of Children and Families, (2013). Retrieved from…

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