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Please write a paragraph responding to the discussion bellow. Add citations and references in alphabetical order.
Management and Leadership are used differently by different people. Management by definition is the direction of a group or organization through executive, administrative and supervisory positions (Algahtani, 2014). Leadership is a behavior or a skill to influence others to act or perform to obtain a task or make progress (Algahtani, 2014). The theories of management and leadership share many interchangeable characteristics and often overlap (Algahtani, 2014). Leaders may lead by serving others, leading with their example of service or of duties performed while managers usually set goals and relay their expectations of oriented tasks. Many times a great manager can also be a leader for example a nurse manager may have very firm policies and goals established for the department while at the same time working side by side in the patient care area to accomplish those very goals (Algahtani, 2014). Many management and nurse leaders in my department overlap. Many of the nurse managers perform as clinical leaders, mentoring and establishing needed relationships for new nurses or acting as cohorts with seasoned nurses in order to achieve a high level of function for the department. This overlapping is essential in my department due to the critical nature and acuity of the patients we see. I am very thankful for the leadership shown by the management team in my department. It can really make or break the success of the shift.
Algahtani, A. (2014, September). Are Leadership and Management Different? Retrieved from Journal of Management Policies and Practices:…

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