paragraph 4 write a paragraph responding to the discussion bellow

Please write a paragraph responding to the discussion bellow. Add citations and references in alphabetical order.
When it comes to facilitating spiritual care for patients with worldviews different from my own, I remind myself to stay unbiased to their views or wishes. I think it is very important to respect others and use times like those to ask questions and get educated on their belief so not to offend them in anyway and provide them with the spiritual care they seek.
Weaknesses I have to facilitating spiritual care to patients that have different views than myself are the fact that when I’m not educated in their particular view, I might not be providing that person with the care they need. Not every culture speaks there mind and if I have a patient that is not comfortable with asking me for something that I am not already offering them, that could inhibit that persons recovery or complicate their rights of passage needs.
If I was a patient, and I was mentally sane, I would want to have the final say in terms of ethical decision-making and intervention in the event of a difficult situation. If I were not mentally stable, I would leave the decision making up to my husband. An example of a patient being the ultimate decision maker even when an ethical team might think differently would be if a Jehovah Witness declined a blood transfusion even though they knew they only had hours to life due to bleeding out if they declined it. It should always be left in the hands of the patient to make the final ethical decision-making as long as that person or family member is deemed sane.
In the case study done by, Gopakumar, Priyakumari & Kusumakumary, (2018), there was a child that needed a blood transfusion due to the diagnosis of Burkit lymphoma. In India, the clinical guidelines and laws governing consent for blood transfusion in a minor are meager and vague. Also, the fact that that child was raised in a Jehovah Witness family, the courts had a hard time deciding if the parents should be charge with neglect or if it was just the family respecting their religious heritage.
Gopakumar, K., Priyakumari, T., Nair, M., & Kusumakumary, P. (2018). Jehovah’s Witness and consent for blood transfusion in a child: The Indian scenario. Asian Journal of Transfusion Science, 12(1), 78–80.[_]50_17

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