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Please write a paragraph responding to the discussion bellow. Add citations and references in alphabetical order.
Scientific management theory is a theory of management that examines and creates workflows. The main objective of this theory is to improve economic efficiency in labor productivity. This theory developed as one of the earliest attempts to apply science to the engineering of processes and to management. To achieve its goal, the application is dependent on a high level of managerial control over employee work practices. This requires a higher ratio of managerial workers to laborers than in previous management methods. According to the theory, decisions based upon tradition and rules of thumb should be replaced by precise procedures developed after careful study of an individual at work, comprising of time and motion studies, which would tend to determine the “single, best way” to do any given task. The expected outcome would be an increase in productivity and a reduction of effort.
One of the routines in healthcare that seems to be inefficient is workman’s fatigue due to long working hours, inadequate patient-to-nurse staffing ratios, and/or unnecessary running around during working hours. Virtually everyone experiences some level of fatigue from time to time. However, excessive fatigue while working is an important condition in which the relationship of health, safety, and productivity can create a vicious cycle (Smith, 2009). To help prevent fatigue to nurses my facility has a Fatigue Management Policy. The policy states that caregivers may not work more than 12-hours in a 24-hour period, must have at least 8 hours off following a 12-hour shift, and may not work more than 4 consecutive 12-hour shifts at a time. My department tries to follow AWHONN staffing guidelines to help prevent fatigue related to inadequate staffing ratios. In addition, we developed a call schedule in which nurses are required to pick up a pre-determined number of call hours to cover holes in staffing related to vacations and usual days of high-census. Of course, there are times when we still must work in less than ideal ratios, but this has helped minimize those occurrences. Furthermore, a group of nurses developed ways to prevent nurses from constantly running for supplies during their workday. This plan included stocking frequently used supplies in patient alcoves so that nurses were not continuously running around the unit to gather patient supplies and equipment. These guidelines have helped decrease fatigue in the workplace.
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