paper on a parasite biology

Hello, below is how the paper should be exactly done. Please follow the instructions very very carefully. Every point matters in this paper and all should be done exactly as written in the instructions.
IMPORTANT: The paper must focus on The parasite Halicephalobus gingivalis
1. The paper should be 6-10 double-spaced pages(not including bibliography), one inch margins all around, Times New Roman or Arial 12 point fonts ONLY. Figures may be included at the end of the paper and do not count toward the page total
2. The paper should discuss the life cycle, including hosts and developmental stages, its medical, veterinary or ecological importance, and any other interesting tidbits.
3. Acceptable sources are the primary literature (journal articles and reviews). You must cite a minimum of 3 journal articles.Textbooks are allowed, but do not count as journals. Websites are NOT considered primary sources, and are therefore do not count toward the minimum number of journals. You must cite any websites that you consult.
4. The paper should follow be written as you Interviewing the parasite Halicephalobus gingivalis
5. All information that is not yours (including pictures) must be cited. In the text, citations may be numbered or by name (e.g. James et al 2002). The bibliography must be at the end of the document (NO FOOTNOTES), and contain all authors, the year, the complete title, the complete name of the journal, and the volume and page numbers. Here is an example:
James, J. M. and Schad, G. A., 1990. Serum stimulated feeding in vitro by third stage infective larvae of the canine hookworm Ancylostoma caninum. Journal of Parasitology76: 394-398.

6. The paper should follow a special scenario that shows the interview with this parasite being a little bit funny and sad and should show an emotional aspect. Ex. The parasite can have all these characters( mean, sarcastic, selfish.. etc) so you build it up your own way and ask me if you need any help. This paper not only focuses on information but also on creativity.

Best of luck, I am here if you need any further explanation.

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