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Palliative Care- Principles and Ethics of palliative care nursing In the lecture you saw that there are two broad models of ethics and ethical principles. Consider that you have been asked to sit on an ethics committee consult to discuss the ethics and legality of withdrawing artificial nutrition and hydration from a patient who has no possibility of recovering but is not terminal. What would be your position and what ethical principles would you use to guide your decision to continue or discontinue artificial nutrition and hydration? Key Skills for Palliative Care Nurses Critical thinking ability You should have the ability to think critically to help your patients. Clinical decision-making skills You should be able to think on your feet and make quick decisions for your patient. Communication skills: oral and written You need to be a good communicator so that your patients and their families are kept well informed of various issues related to the care. Cultural competence You should be sensitive to different cultures. Psychosocial support skills Emotions are high at the end of life. You need to be there for your patients and their families, and provide counseling whenever necessary. Resource management Hospitals are often short staffed. You should attempt optimum resource management. Spiritual/religious support At the end of life, patients tend to be driven towards religion and spirituality. Be supportive of this, even if it does not mirror your own beliefs. Expertise in pain management Your terminally ill patients may go through a lot of pain. Ensure that you are well versed in pain management techniques. Knowledge of laws and ethics End of life involves the execution of legal matters, like living wills and advance directives. Keep yourself in the know of these matters to guide your patients. Page 1 of 1 NSG4066 — Palliative Care

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