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IntroductionHow skilled are you as a thinker? Before you can become a critical thinker, it is important to recognize your current reasoning skills. This exercise is meant to help you evaluate your strengths and weaknesses in critical thinking, as well as illustrate your understanding of the lecture material and readings.
The Assignment Answer the following questions regarding your strategies for thinking:

After reviewing the cognitive skills and attitudes or traits that mark the critical thinker, identify two areas in which you believe your reasoning skills are strong and/or adequate. Give examples to illustrate your conclusions.
Identify two areas in which you believe your reasoning skills are weak and/or need improvement. Again, provide specific examples.
Identify sources of your beliefs (mass media, peers, family, observation, etc.) and provide examples. Explain how much or how little of your own thinking was/is present in your decision to accept those beliefs.
Discuss whether and/or how you evaluate information presented to you. Provide examples.
Discuss how open-minded you feel yourself to be. Provide examples.


Acceptable Length: 1-2 pages
Formatting Requirements:

Use 12- point Times New Roman font
Place your name and page number at the top right of every page

To get a top score, your paper should:

Illustrate an understanding of the concepts and issues discussed in the lecture material and readings
Demonstrate a level of introspection of your own reasoning skills
Answer the questions clearly and precisely

The links above are the readings that need to be used in the paper, and the Sources must be in MLA format……………

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