Overview of the Company/Industry

Title: e.g. “How Qantas Can Develop a Competitive Advantage through HRM”, “- Challenges faced by The Big Four Banks in Australia in Developing a Competitive Advantage through HRM”, etc.
Introduction (no more than 5% of the word count)
Introduce your assignment here by stating the main purposes, the topic and scope, and questions to be answered.
Overview of the Company/Industry (approximately 5-10% of the word count)
Provide a brief overview of the company and the industry. Additional details can be provided as appendices.
Competitive Advantage & HRM (approximately 20% of the word count)
Using literature and theories, discuss competitive advantages and HRM. For examples, you can discuss what it means by a competitive advantage, sources of competitive advantage, the role of HRM in developing a competitive advantage, etc.
Challenges in Developing Competitive Advantages (approximately 30% of the word count)
Analyse at least 3 challenges that the organization/industry face in trying to build a competitive advantage through HRM.
Recommendations (approximately 30% of the word count)
Propose at least 3 recommendations to help the organization/organizations in the selected industry overcome the challenges. Explain and justify your recommendations. You must make sure that your recommendations are relevant to the challenges.
Conclusion (not more than 5% of the word count)
You are required to write an essay. It is not a report. Therefore, you need to minimize the use of heading and subheadings (or possibly not use them at all). Do not use bullet points. You must also write in third person.
To ensure that your essay contains in-depth analyses and well explained recommendations without exceeding the word limit, you must write in a concise manner. Avoid using unnecessary words. Do not be wordy.
For example, do not say “In order to ensure that the company has the right talents in the future, it is highly recommended that the National Australia Bank carefully implements _______”. Instead, you should write “To attract talents, NAB must implement _____________”.

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