outline and research paper 1

Write a research paper of 6-7 pages on a topic not covered in this course. In other words, avoid the representation of race, class, and sexuality, but focus on other topics related to media representations.

Identify other topics of media representation (ex: representation of elderly, musician, artist, teachers, young people, business people, rich people, etc.)

Explain how a specific representation is reflected in the media (give us an example, it can be from one film or multiple examples from T.V., commercials, movies, etc.)

Apply theoretical concepts and theories to critically analyze image, language and narrative of the media clip.

Conduct an original research by interpreting the implication of a select media representation

Cite and integrate other research journal articles and books related to student’s topic to enrich and support the argument. (min. 5 references)
If your paper comes from other classes or does not relate to this course, you will automatically receive F.
No plagiarizing including your own paper.
If you change the font or tweak spacing, etc. you will get 2 pts. deductions.

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