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organization. Chapter 2 questions Paper details: Please read chapter 2 and answer the following questions entirely for the chapter 2 Chapter 2: Organization and Administration: Principles and Practices Instruction: Read Chapter 2 in its entirety carefully and 1. Provide two definitions of an organization. 2. Discuss the evolution of organizational theory. a. Discuss scientific management. b. Human relations management. c. Systems management. d. Bureaucratic management. 3. List and explain the primary principles of organizational structure. 5. Discuss span of control and unity of command. 6. Define communication and discuss communication within a criminal justice organization. 7. Compare and contrast oral communication and written communication. 8. Discuss the three factors that promote the use of written communication in police organizations. 9. Define leadership and discuss the trait theory of leadership and the style theory of leadership. 10. List and explain the three essential skills that leaders should possess, according to Robert Katz

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