option 1 a human services program

Base your response to this assignment on the document Case Study of a Human Service Organization Assume that you are the development director for the Center. You have been approached by the executive director, chief financial officer, and clinical director who believe it is time to expand the counseling program to meet an unmet need. After further discussion, it is determined that the organization would like to expand services to reach out to women of color who are struggling with substance use and/or mental illness. In a well-organized critical essay:

Develop two to three program outcomes or overall goals of the new program.
Determine the major program interventions, staff need, and delivery components (how often, where, how many people to be served, eligibility requirements, etc.).
Search http://grants.gov (or other program funding database) for potential funding options, select an option, and explain/defend your choice.
Provide a timeline, with key responsibilities and parties, for application completion.

Submission Requirements:

Cite and integrate at least three sources to support your analysis and/or position(s), at least one of which was not required reading for one of your BS Human Services core courses.
Your paper should be 3 to 4 pages in length with citation formatting per APA Guidelines,

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