Opportunity Identification and Business Model

Opportunity Identification and Business Model

While it may seem like every business idea has been thought of,
there are hundreds of new products and services waiting to be launched in the
next 5-10 years. Not only the idea, but also the method of attracting customers
is key to the success of the business. The first filmless camera was patented
in 1972 (US patent 4,057,830) and Kodak developed the first digital camera in
1975 (US patent 4,131,919). Some theorize that Kodak could have dominated the market
if they continued to develop the technology instead of abandoning it.

This week do the following:

Identify a company (real or fictional) and a developing
opportunity (real or fictional) and select the business model that would
be used to bring that opportunity to the public.Be sure to address the following:Why you selected that business opportunityThe opportunity’s potentialA similar product in the market and what business
model is used to promote that productWhat business model you would select to promote the
product and why. Make sure to also discuss and include the pros and cons
of the business models not selected

Below are guidelines for writing your paper:

Your paper should be at least 2 pages long and include
at least 2 scholarly references. Scholarly sources include academic
or peer-reviewed journal articles.Integrate your own thoughts and ideas and connect them
with research support using citations from scholarly references.
Demonstrate your integration of research by including APA formatted
in-text citations at key points throughout your paper.

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