operaions security

The link below lists 10 of the data breaches that have occurred in 2018.
Read through the list and select ONE of the cases listed.
Using what we have learned in this class, write a 2 to 3 page paper that addresses:

List and describe at least 3 items they did wrong

What mistakes were made in judgement regarding the vulnerability
What policies were not in place or were not followed?

What solutions could be implemented?
How would you implement them?
How long did the company wait so long to inform the public? Legally what are they required to do?
How could this have been avoided?
Use APA format – recall that the cover page and abstract are NOT part of the 2 – 3 page count
Cite your sources – you must have three which can include the textbook

State your premise and supporting arguments, etc. clearly.
Please look at the grading rubric.

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