ol 215 principle of management 1 2 page overview of zappos

In Final Project One, you will demonstrate your mastery of the following course outcomes:
 OL-215-01: Analyze how an organizationâ€s goals influence organizational planning that informs strategic decision making  OL-215-02: Analyze the functions of management and ethical principles for executing effective decision making in organizations  OL-215-03: Apply management techniques that ensure the continuous improvement of personnel and business processes to measure organizational performance  OL-215-04: Apply communication techniques aimed at increasing employee performance, thus achieving organizational goals and objectives
 OL-215-05: Illustrate the important connection between management and organizational culture
Prompt Your employer recently conducted an employee survey and the greatest area of concern was related to management. The survey revealed that many employees are not satisfied with managementâ€s performance, and the employees feel like the companyâ€s poor performance is directly related to a lack of effective management. The general manager has learned that you are currently pursuing a business degree and would like you to champion a team to help improve managementâ€s effectiveness. The general manager would first like to understand some best management practices from successful companies.
For the first part of the final project, you will identify a successful company. You must select a company from the list of suggested companies below. Resources related specifically to the successful companies listed are provided.
I chose Zappos as my company of choice.

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