Observation Paper

* Observation Paper Directions/Rubric: Each student will go to any onlinewebsite andobserve a business of their choice. They willfocus on only 1 specific product item.Meaning only 1 specific product or service.Not a product line. For example, if you choose a coffee site, you will choose only 1 specific product such as one large caramel latte and focus on only that product for the paper. The student will write a 2-4 page paperabout the organizationâ€s observed marketing strategieswhich includes product, pricing, placement, and promotion. As long as one sentence is on the second pagethenthat is fine. This is 2 pages.The questions are listed below and all questions must be clearly answered to receive full credit.Re-state the question in your answer for each answer. For example:The business appears to stay competitive by…(finish the sentence)or The businessplaces the product on the website where people are enticed to buy it by…(finish the sentence).In the paper, also clearly identify the questions and your answers. If this is not done, 4 points will be deducted. For example, number and bold each question and then follow with your answerunderneath eachquestion (not in bold).
2When applicable, also include the number and corresponding letter in bold.This is not an essay. The format is question and then your answer underneath each question. The question in bold;your answer not in bold. Your answer must be in sentenceor paragraphformat only and include propergrammar, so your answer can be clearly understood. If youranswers are not in sentence/paragraphformat, 5 points will be deducted.For a better understanding, an example of the format can be found in Modules, Week 3. Upload the final paperin Canvasunder Assignments, Final Observation Paperdueon 7/30at 10:10 pm. The first line on the paper should be the first question. Do not include any other information such as your name, class name, or anything else. The paper must be uploaded in a MS Word documentonly or it will not be accepted. The writing section can be double or single spaced(studentâ€s choice). However, the font size must be size 12, in Times New Roman, 1 inch margins, paragraphs when appropriate, paragraphs indented,paragraph spacing points at 0, and 2 pages or 2 points will be deducted per each item.


.1. (a) What is the business†name, website (URL), and physical address (remember this 3 pts. answer and all answers must be in sentence format)?
(b) When did you conduct the observation? Include the date and time frame. For example, on Monday May 11th, 2021from 9:30 am to 10:00 am.
2. (a) What is the product? 3pts.
(b) Describe how it is used.
3. (a) What is the pricing of the product(specific price or price range)?3 pts.
(b) How does the business appear to stay competitive(this is based on your observation)?
4. How does the business place the product on the website where people are enticed to buy it? 3 pts.
5. How does the business promote their product? For example, is it through advertising, 3 pts. public relations, social media, or sales promotion?At least one of these methods must be specifically addressedand identifiedin your writing or 1.5 points will be deducted.
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