Obesity prevention in children under 16 years old

Imagine you need to develop an intervention for obesity prevention in children under 16 years old at the Intrapersonal or Interpersonal level of the ecological model. What would you include in the intervention? First, you need to create 2 Process and 2 Impact objectives for this strategy. Essentially, what are you trying to accomplish? These should be concise statements. If you write more than 1 sentence for an objective, then you need to go back and re-read how to write SMART objectives.Process Objectives (Use SMART objectives)Process Objective #1Process Objective #2Impact Objectives (Use SMART objectivesAlso, identify which kind of impact objective you are choosing.)Impact Objective #1:Impact Objective #2:
Next, write a 23-page paper on your strategy (do not just answer the questions below in bullet format). Be creative! Think of something that will really entice people to want to participate in this program. ALSO, consider the following in your write-up. First, identify if the strategy is intrapersonal or interpersonal, and explain why you thought this strategy would be important. Fully describe what you want to do. Be as specific as possible. What specific information will be covered? Why? Does this strategy support another strategy at another level of the ecological model? If so, how? Who will be targeted? Why them? How will you include the target group or other community members in your planning and implementation? (helping design the program, give feedback for revisions, help with presentations, etc.) What is your strategy for recruiting individuals to participate in your program? How often will the program meet? How long are the lessons? How long will the intervention strategy last? Over how many months/years?

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