Notion of standard language

Read: Blog posted by Katherine J. Dallaston:” What do Santa Claus, unicorns, and Standard Language have in common?” Posted on February 28, 2017. Read/view its text and the TedX video contained within.
Read Also: Rosina Lippi-Green. “The Linguistic Facts of Life.” (Chapter One, pp 7-39) in English with an Accent Language, ideology, and discrimination in the United States. Routledge New York, 199
Value = 25 Pts (5 Time, 5 Preparation, 5 explanation of the idea of a standard language, 5 demonstrated familiarity with the materials, 5 Analysis).
1) In approximately 300 words, prepare your thoughts on the idea of a “standard language.” You may reference Chapter One of Lippi-Green’s “The Linguistic Facts of Life” for a more formal definition and description of the notion of a standard language and its political motivations. You may also recall our discussions of linguistic nationalism as well. 300 words is about the average length of most of our discussion forum posts. That amounts to about a double-spaced page and a half (no headings).
2) Deliver this clearly in a three minute video.
3) Upload your video AND 300 word text* to your computer or device and click the “Insert/edit Media” button in the tool bar above your text box entry.
Almost done!
*NOTE: THIS TEXT DOES NOT NEED TO BE “PROPER” or grammatically correct. Your focus here is on oral communication, less on written.

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