non relational models 2

Non-Relational Models
We study the relational model for databases and it’s related structured query language (SQL) because it has been the dominant model for database systems for many years.
What are other data models that have been developed? Find an article about a different data model, post it, and describe the advantages and disadvantages of that data modeling approach. Some models include flat files, XML, hierarchical, network, NoSQL, star schemas, blockchain, etc.
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XML has many advantages and disadvantages. One of the advantages of XML is that it is platform and language independent, so it can be used on any system and is very adaptable with changes. Another advantage is that it supports Unicode, so any program written in a human language will be supported. The final advantage is that data can be updated without the user interface being affected. The main disadvantages of XML come from it being redundant. The redundancy causes large file sizes, high transport and storage costs, and the document itself is less readable than other data types.

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