nike managerial accounting analysis and company overview

Type of service: Term Paper
Spacing: Single spacing
Paper format: APA
Number of pages: 4 pages
Number of sources: 6 sources
Paper detalis:
The task is to make a research and analysis of the Nike company from the managerial accounting point of view. Following questions need to be answered in the paper.
* General Overview of Nike * How does Nike compare to other sport brands. * Does Nike face competition from Adidas or Puma? * What kind of clients does it target and how does this impact Costs and Sales revenues. * Marketing Strategy * How does Nike ensure Market penetration – Strategic Planning * What role does a Management Accountant play in Nike? * Nature of Costs and Cost drivers * Price Modelling * Is Nike quoted at Stock Exchange – why? * Apart from Clothing what else does Nike sell; how does this impact its Costs and Sales revenues. * Product Profitability and Diversification Strategy * Client profitability Analysis * How does Nike ensure customer satisfaction; how does this impact costs and revenues? 

Please also include following topics in the paper: Job Order Costing / JIT Overheads – Predetermined (Manufacturing) Price modeling

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