List and describe the impact of an important trend, within the last 3 months, as found in the WSJ. The trend does not have to be about hospitality, but does need to directly relate to and substantially impact the hospitality industry. The trend should be a topic that is receiving a lot of media “buzz”. There should be multiple news reports regarding the topic. Use at least 2 WSJ articles to reference your trend. Include the MLA citations in your assignment. In other words, cite 2 WSJ articles that describe this trend. Past examples have been: bedbugs, food recalls, minimum wage hikes, and mandatory healthcare. You will be asked to share your trend report with class in a seminar environment. Submit assignment to ulearn. Bring a copy for reference to the class discussion.
You can bullet your points.
Total approximate page length = 1-2 pages. Below are the grading weights.
Use the following Headings:
Brief Explanation of Trend (wt=5/25)
Impact on the Hospitality Industry (wt=20/25)

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The post NEWs-and-hospitality-impact-English-homework-help appeared first on nursing writers.