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Below is the assignment details for this project and attached is my project up to this point.
Network Enterprise Architecture Design (Week 4 IP)
Utilizing the “As-Is” network EA as the starting source, The enterprise architecture consultant identified key components for anticipated changes to the network infrastructure. These components were validated to meet specifications for the new infrastructure.
(Network Infrastructure Changes) Technology changes include the direction given to update the infrastructure for the Internet Protocol version 6 (IPv6) protocol. Business networking requirements extended the technology changes by requesting networking support for new services that require remote client project audits of alternative solar solutions.
(To Be Network EA) Given the “As-Is” network EA and the proposed network infrastructure changes, the enterprise architecture consultant performs an analysis resulting in the design for a new network infrastructure to support the proposed functionality. A list of changes is composed. The “To-Be” EA is created so that all stakeholders can participate in the planning.
(Transition Plan)With confirmation for the “To-Be” EA, a transition plan is developed. This plan includes step-by-step milestones with target dates for their execution. Because the plan is based on a network framework with stakeholders participating through their own viewpoints, the TSG executive team has high confidence for a successful network infrastructure update.

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