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Negotiation skills Executive MBA Negotiation course evaluation Please write a short case study (6-8 pages maximum) to present a negotiation case that you have been involved in or witnessed. Deadline: January 6, 2016 Scope and aims This assignment is intended to allow participants to show how well they have understood the ideas and approaches encountered during the course by applying them a negotiation situation encountered before, during or after the course. If you wish, feel free to describe a situation encountered by someone else at work or close to you. If you don’t have one substantial example big enough to make up a case study, then several smaller examples could be used. The principle is the same. The idea is to allow you scope to explore negotiation and apply the ideas we have shared. I have been using this approach for several years now, and my students come up with some really interesting insights. Questions to ask How do notions such as BATNA, WAP etc. help you understand and analyze the negotiations? Can you classify the negotiation (distributive, integrative…), establish the stakes and the nature of the relationship? How did pitching in and anchor effects impact the negotiation? Do we have any examples of framing or thinking out of the box? What about the negotiation styles of those involved…? Look also at how well the negotiation was prepared, structured and managed… Evaluation criteria The aim of the course was to allow us to look together at negotiation and to bring to something we all do without necessarily thinking about it a more critical approach and ‘grille de lecture’. By asking participants to apply the ideas to practical situations I will be able to see how well this has been achieved. Those that do well in the evaluation will be those who best apply this critical approach. Do bear in mind that we have spent quite a lot of time discussing the psychological side of negotiation, so credit will be given to sensitivity to this. Please see this as an opportunity to continue thinking about the negotiation process and to get into the habit of critical analysis and debriefing that will make you a better negotiator in the future.

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