modern art regular writing no reference only book

Reading assignment: For next time, read pages 90 to 106 in chapter 5.
There are three options for this week’s writing assignment. You only have to write a response to one of them; choose the one that interests you the most.
Option 1: After reading about Fauvism, choose one painting from the reading that you think presents a good example of the style. You should consider both visual appearance and Fauvist concepts when you make your choice. Your selection can come from Matisse’s Fauve period (in the book, that’s pages 92 to 98), or one of the other Fauves who are discussed in chapter 5 (Derain, Vlaminck, or Dufy). In your response, describe the work and tell me why it represents Fauvism well; you should cover things like the artist’s use of color, the way the paint is handled, the subject matter, the emotional qualities of the painting, or anything else about it that’s characteristic of the Fauvist style and ideas.
Option 2: Identify a work by Matisse—either a painting or a sculpture—that reflects the influence of either Primitivism or African art (or both). Describe the work, focusing on how that influence is shown in it either visually, or conceptually, or both.
Option 3: Compare the two dining room paintings by Matisse that are in the reading: the early painting on page 91 (figure 5.1) and the one from about 12 years later that’s on page 103 (figure 5.21). What do both images share, and in what ways are they different? Why does each look the way it does (specifically, what artistic ideas was Matisse trying to express in each, and how did that make the two paintings look different from each other)? You might want to consider what Matisse was trying to do with painting at the time each image was made, and how that led Matisse to create what you can see in each image. You can also think about presenting your answer as a discussion of how Matisse’s ideas and techniques evolved between 1896 and 1908.

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