mock suspect report

For this task, imagine that you have a suspect in custody and the opportunity to observe him/her while they are being detained. You are on the other side of the one-way mirror and are able to hear the questions and answers to many of the questions. The FBI agents will not ask all of the questions on the list below, but as the criminal profiler, you must still find the answers to these questions. In addition, you are required to think critically to generate, ask, and answer five more questions, in addition to the questions below.
What is the birth date of the perpetrator? Is the perpetrator male or female? Where was he/she born? What is the perpetrators last home or last known address? What types of crimes did he/she commit? Who caught him/her? What is the perpetrator known for? Did he/she serve time in jail? If yes, where, when, and how long? What is the perpetrators height, weight, and other identifiable marks, such as markings/piercings on the body? Does he/she have any known aliases? What was the Modus Operandi used? What are the possible motives for committing the crime? Did he/she have a signature style when he/she committed the crime? Who are the perpetrators friends or family?
You will write a paper including your first impressions of the suspect. In this paper, be sure to answer the questions above, and then provide answers to five additional questions that are relevant to the suspect. You must make connections and collaborate to obtain and verify the information that you have been given. For example, if Ima Killer, the interviewee, states she was born in Boston, you will need to verify that information. Once verified you can include in your report that you verified with Mass General Hospital that the individual was born there. The goal of this part of the assignment is to demonstrate that you are putting all the pieces together and making educated guesses as you explore possible suspects. The educated guesses should be derived from theory, so review some of the previous weeks theory or research new theories and connect them within your paper. Make at least two scholarly connections to your suspect, the victim, or the crime scene. Each piece of the assignment, starting with analyzing the crime scene leads us to this important interview. If you are looking for a serial arsonist and notice he or she happens to smoke the same brand of cigarette found at the past three crime scenes, you have a lead. Not a definitive lead, but a strong lead that can be corroborated.
Length: 5-7 pages
References: a minimum of two resources

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