Mobile Tech

In a follow-up to your IoT discussion with management, you have been asked to document and describe Use Case examples of IoT Services and Applications, so they can see a clear application of the technology. After all, the goal of IoT is to ensure all company resources and technological objects can communicate, and documentation is always part of the process. In a report to your manager, describe the following topics:

An introduction to IoT technology and typical corporate devices being used within IoT
Examples of IoT services and applications describing the service, application, interface, and benefit to the organization. Please pick 3 of the following IoT Use Cases when informing management of this required information and the implementation of technology:

Predictive Maintenance (e.g., use of cameras, sensors and data analytics)
Smart Metering (e.g., internet device capable of measuring how a company consumes energy, gas or water)
Asset tracking (e.g., efficient location and monitoring of key assets)
Connected vehicles (e.g., automation of driving tasks)
Fleet Management (e.g., transportation efficiency and productivity)

Provide reference page with at least 3-5 references in APA format

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