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The Internet is an interactive medium. This means that consumers can:
control which messages they are exposed to but do not have control over the timing of exposure.
not only control the content they are exposed to, but can also provide their own content.
provide feedback on the content but cannot provide their own content.
The Internet is known as a direct-response medium because:
it allows companies to create awareness.
it influences consumers’ attitudes.
it allows users to both purchase and sell products through e-commerce.
it provides consumers with detailed information about a company’s offerings.
it helps in generating interest in a company’s products or services.
Which of the following statements is true of the objectives that companies seek to achieve through the use of the Internet?
The Internet is not effective as an IMC element in creating awareness.
For small companies with limited budgets, the web offers an excellent opportunity to create awareness.
The web is an ineffective medium for stimulating trial of a company’s products and services.
The Internet offers ease to traditional marketers to create a strong brand image., an online retail store, offers electronic coupons to individuals. A consumer can select any coupon of interest,download it, and redeem it at the place of purchase. Such coupons are provided in order to:
create awareness.
provide information.
create a brand image.
stimulate trial.
create repositioning.
Which of the following is true of banner ads?
They are the most common form of advertising on the web.
They are extensively used as a brand repositioning strategy.
They are not available in animated formats.

They do not require repeated exposures to create favorable attitudes.
They are typically considered ineffective for creating awareness.
Macy noticed that each time she began downloading videos of “Tunnel Vision,” a TV soap opera, ads would appear on her computer screen.
These ads are examples of:
banner ads.
content sponsorships.
Amber observed that she received e-mails containing ads that were often related to the websites she had visited recently or the topics that shehad browsed on the Internet. The various ads that were sent to her e-mail were related to her previous searches. This is an example of:
social media marketing.
paid searches.


behavioral targeting.
For e-commerce marketers, a prime indicator of effectiveness of the Internet is:

return on investment (ROI).

the purchase intent of consumers.

consumers’ attitudes toward their websites.

the recall and retention rates of their Internet ads.

the volume of sales generated.
For e-commerce marketers, a prime indicator of effectiveness is the volume of sales generated. Adding information regarding
demographics, user behaviors, and so on can increase the effectiveness of this measure.
An advantage of the Internet is:

its ability to keep user data secure.

the reliability of the research numbers generated.

that it is free of any clutter.

its availability as an information source.

its high prestige among consumers.
Which of the following is a disadvantage of the Internet?

Inability to target specific groups of individuals

Inability to tailor messages according to the needs of the audience

Lack of interactive capabilities

Increased irritation due to clutter

Failure to generate sales in business-to-business segments
Which of the following activities are involved in consumer-oriented sales promotions?

Point-of-purchase displays
Refunds and rebates

Sales training programs

Trade allowances

Cooperative advertising
Which of the following is a reason for the increase in the importance of sales promotion?

Increase in consumer brand loyalty

Decrease in emphasis on accountability
Fragmentation of consumer market

long-term focus of marketers

Reduction in the number of brands
Yummy Foods gave away 25-ounce packs from its range of oatmeal products to consumers, free of charge. The company distributed it tothose who shopped at select grocery stores around the state of Pennsylvania. Which of the following types of promotion did Yummy Foods




In-store couponing

Free premium
Which of the following statements about coupons is true?
They help in inducing price-sensitive customers to purchase a product or a service.

Couponing requires reliance on retailers for cooperation.

They help in price reduction but are ineffective in inducing trial.

Couponing increases consumers’ perceived risk associated with the trial of a new product.

Coupons are ineffective in encouraging repurchases.
Which of the following is an advantage of couponing?

Low costs

High redemption rates

Immediate response

Induces repeat purchases

Fraud-free and easy to manage

On the purchase of Joyous noodles, Clara was delighted when she saw that the package contained a coupon for $2 off the next purchase ofthe noodles. In order to redeem it, Clara had to cut out the coupon and present it at the store during her next purchase. This is an example of

free premium.

cross-ruff coupon.

instant coupon.

self-liquidating premium.

bounce-back coupon.

Cheery Inc. offers a free toy inside every $1 pack of Cheery Creamy Chips. Which of the following types of promotional methods is the
company using in this scenario?

Cross-ruff coupon

In-package sampling

Self-liquidating premium
Free premium

Beauty Care’s 2-oz bottle of sunscreen lotion was initially priced at $3. However, while at the supermarket, Emma found that Beauty Care was offering a 5-oz bottle at the same price. This induced her to purchase two 5-oz bottles of the lotion. Which of the following types of promotional methods was Beauty Care using?

Free premium

Bonus pack

Price-off deal

Bounce-back coupon

Which of the following sales promotion techniques are also known as frequency programs?


Price-off deals

Event sponsorship programs

Loyalty programs

Self-liquidating premiums

Speed Inc. is a sports car manufacturing company. Ron, an employee in a car retail store, makes $3,000 for every Speed Inc. car he sells.Speed Inc. pays this bonus along with his regular salary at the end of each month. Which of the following types of promotion is used by Speed


Price-off deals


Trade allowances