Mircoeconomics can anyone help with this assignment

The Bureau of Economic Analysis provides profit data for various industries in the United States.
Go to www.bea.gov
Click on Data > by Economic Account > National> Corporate Profits
Scroll down and Click on Interactive Data
Click on Table 6.16D. Corporate Profits by Industry”
In your initial response to the topic you have to answer all questions:
1. Based on the most-recent figures, which of the following categories of industry classifications has the greatest profits:

Financial or nonfinancial
Manufacturing , transportation and warehousing, wholesale trade, or retail trade
Durable goods or nondurable goods

2.During the past years, which sectors had the largest and smallest percentage increase in profit?
3. Which sectors, if any, experienced losses?
4. What are the implications of the profit changes for expansion or contraction of the particular industries?
5. Reflection – the students also should include a paragraph in the initial response in their own words, using microeconomic terminology, reflecting on specifically what they learned from the assignment and how they think they could apply what they learned in the workplace.