milestone two planning measures budget project risk

For Milestone Two, you will have the opportunity to examine the planning measures used in the project, assess the budget of the project, and identify major project risks and corresponding control tactics.
To complete this assignment, review the Milestone Two Guidelines and Rubric document (ATTACHED).
Project Selected: The Wembley Stadium Project (ATTACHED)
Module 1 Journal – Project Selection Paper (ATTACHED).
Milestone One – Project Vision, Scope, & Stakeholders – Critical Elements Sections I, II, & III. (ATTACHED)
Milestone Two Headings – Critical elements must be addressed:
IV. Planning Measures

Describe how the schedule was executed and managed, including specific planning measures that were utilized during the project.
Assess any discrepancies in the timeline, and explain how the project manager could have handled or avoided them.

V. Budget

Assess the budget of the project, including a description of efficiencies and inefficiencies in how the budget was managed.
Explain possible contingency allotments and limitations.
Recommend any adjustments to the budget that were necessary, providing reasoning.

VI. Risks and Control Tactics

Evaluate the risk response planning executed based on the major project risks and control tactics, and explain the missed and exploitedopportunities in the project.
Summarize qualitative and quantitative measurements of major project risks.

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