Midterm exam

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This midterm will consist of a multiple choice [80% of grade] and a short answer section [20% of grade]. You will have 1 hour and 20 minutes to take the midterm. The midterm will be available to take from after class on October 10th until 11:59PM Sunday October 13th. You may only take this once and your score is final. You cannot use any outside sources, notes, or materials from class while taking the test, any attempt to do so is foolish and time consuming and you will need all of the time you can get to complete the quiz in time.

Midterm Exam

Choose one chapter from the course textbook; read through it and review its references. Step 3: Select three of the references (at the bottom of each chapter section), find the full texts and closely read them. Ifyou have trouble accessing them, email me. Step 4: Create a 5-minute (minimum) presentation, with audio and visuals, based on the three sources you selected. Youcan use power point, slide deck, or any other application.
Organize your presentation in three parts: Introduction, Body, and Wrap up. There is no minimum/maximum of words, aslong as you address the points described below.a. Introduction: Explain to the audience which chapter you chose, then which parts/topics of it you focused on. Explainwhy you found these topic(s) important. Introduce the three references you selected from the chapter (APA format).Explain why and how you chose the three references.b. Body: Describe the three references: what do they talk about? what are their research questions? what are thevariables they are interested in? What are their key ideas/findings (minimum 1 key idea/finding from each reference).c. Wrap up: Final thoughts and reflections. How would you follow up this research? What other research questionswould you ask based on these studies

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