please describe the followings: (Please use your educational guess for incomplete information.)

  1. Overview of the Company – not the Engine Centre. (product, location, annual sales,

customers, competitors, and other important information)

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“The following questions are regarding to the Engine Centre in the video.”

  1. What would be the main problem(s) in the current operation?
  1. Explain the steps in reengineering process briefly.
  1. Please draw the current operational diagram or process flow chart. What are the main reasons they drew the process flow chart?

E . Please brainstorm to find at least three improvement plans. You should include at least one process related one, because the investment in new equipment’s would be ineffective without the organizational process change. For each improvement plan, please predict the corresponding costs, time to implement it, benefits and pros and cons. (Make one page table for all three improvements.)

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Q2 :Watch the BMW video (http://youtu.be/o7XxmbvsfR0).

  1. What would be the main goal in their operation?
  1. What do they provide to customers? Find as many as possible from the video. How do these services relate to customers’ expectation?
  1. Draw the flow chart for a car service.
  1. What would be the result from their excellent operations?