Explain the conflicting issues in this case between agency survival verses creative writing.

There’s an Executive Director who has a decision to make for a corporation that has to get a grant, or lay off staff, and possibly close down. This corporation operates three therapeutic self-help, halfway houses for recovering addicts. The Executive Director can attempt to persuade the board to re orient the corporation mission philosophy towards medical model or the criminal justice model, by writing an appropiate federal grant. When writing those grants she would have to downplay the agency’s desperation for funding. Should she be very honest in her grant applications? Is is ethical to stretch the truth?

Explain the conflicting issues in this case between agency survival verses creative writing. Compare the Kantian and Utilitarianism ethical approaches for this issue.

Please provide a clear discussion on a proposed action including which ethical theory would be use to guide the response of ethical dilemma, also utilize the values integrity and community and two standards from the ethical standards for human service professionals to defend the action.

This paper must be in APA format, abstract, reference page, and 3 pages. Written in graduate level.

For this assignment, you should write a two-page, single-spaced descriptive outline of a campaign plan.

Red Cross Society of China should be the nonprofit organization.

Your campaign should be a three-year, $5 million major institutional campaign (can be for capital or endowment or both). The outline should describe the campaign purpose, phases, steps and timelines for completing the campaign in three years. This should include a chart of gifts needed, volunteer/donor organizational division structure, total gift goals for each of the divisions, and the three-year detailed timeline for developing, conducting and completing the campaign.